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When working through childhood trauma & navigating your healing journey, it is often daunting to figure out what the next steps are that you should follow. Confronting it all at once is just too overwhelming but you do want to take action and start somewhere. My goal is to create easily accessible and understandable resources that can be used to supplement your mental health work so that you can start making well deserved progress and you can feel more empowered to unpack your trauma, no matter where you currently stand in your journey. I want to share what  I have learned and practiced and struggled with in the hopes that it can help those of you who relate

Triggers Workshop

Workshop : Trauma Triggers & Emotional Regulation

The first resource I have created is an online course/workshop which is designed to be a deep dive into one of the symptoms of C-PTSD which is usually one of the biggest struggles that survivors face when they start addressing their trauma : Triggers. I discuss what they are, where they come from & how to approach them through self regulation. Triggers can be crippling & learning what works best for you to manage them, can really help you in your overall healing journey.

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......and many more courses like this one will be launched soon. Keep an eye on my Instagram feed to find out more

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